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ShineShield™ Disinfection Services

What Is ShineShield™?

ShineShield™ introduces businesses to the science of disinfection and is exclusively available through Time To Shine Cleaning Services.

Our ShineShield™ solution is the most advanced disinfection service available to businesses today. Our process ensures complete disinfection, destroying 99.9% of harmful pathogens. It is 100% safe for the environment without any risk to human health.

Combining the latest in electrostatic technology with category IV disinfectants, ShineShield™ is the leading process that ensures a superior clean, fully disinfected, healthy and safe environment.

How Does ShineShield™ Work?

Electrostatic disinfection involves spraying electrostatically charged disinfectants throughout the environment onto surfaces and objects. The particulate mist is positively charged making it easy to adhere and evenly spread to all surfaces. Once the mist is applied to a surface, it uniformly disperses the disinfectant. The particles subsequently maintain their cationic charges for a short period of time, ensuring complete disinfection of all surfaces in which the mist comes into contact.

What Are The Benefits of ShineShield™?

Utilizing electrostatic technology is the leading process in delivering a safe, clean, and completely disinfected environment today. The ShineShield™ solution provides our clients with an unmatched service that ensures complete disinfection coverage, inclusive of the following benefits:

Total disinfection of the business, removing 99.9% of harmful pathogens on all surfaces.

Elimination of cross-contamination as opposed to other technologies and traditional disinfection methods.

Completely safe for humans and eco-friendly to the environment, without damage to furniture, technology, equipment, or structure.

A solution that is economical and effective in delivering a safe and pathogen-free environment that outperforms generic trigger sprayers and foggers.

Time To Shine’s ShineShield Disinfection services are available throughout Calgary and the Greater Calgary Area. We have been helping businesses with their janitorial needs since 2009 and are recognized throughout the province as one of the best cleaning companies.

Our company is fully insured, bonded, and supervised to provide your company with the professional disinfection services it requires. Time To Shine Cleaning Services is reliable, recognized, and has the expertise to deliver complete customer satisfaction. We provide free, no-obligation cleaning quotes. Request a quote now.

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