Commercial Cleaning

At Time to Shine Cleaning, we provide Calgary commercial property management cleaning services that are always customized to fit your property management cleaning service requirements. Whether you need a one time clean up or want / need to schedule regular monthly, weekly or bi-weekly property management cleaning services, we promise we’ll accommodate your needs and your schedule to ensure our professional commercial cleaning services meet your expectations and they are performed in a timely matter.

We specialize in working with large commercial property management companies responsible for leasing space to clients, and as part of the lease, sourcing a cleaning service to clean and maintain the locations.

Commercial cleaning services in Calgary, Alberta

Commercial Cleaning Services

When our trusted and experienced Calgary commercial cleaning service team cleans your properties, you can be sure they will pay close attention to even the smallest details. We train our cleaning team to disinfect every part of the designated areas in your commercial properties. Prior to hiring our Calgary cleaning service employees, we complete security checks and contact all of their references.

We always make sure that our employees are reliable, timely, efficient, and well organized. Our methodology is if they exhibit these qualities in their own lives and previous employment, they will surely use these qualities while cleaning our client’s properties.

Time to Shine Cleaning uses only environmentally friendly cleaning products to clean and disinfect each location. We believe that clean commercial property locations attracts potential leases and protects and sustains the health of your current occupants. Using environmentally friendly cleaning products protects and sustains our community and planet as well.

We are 100% bonded, insured, licensed and we have WCB coverage. Have peace of mind knowing that you, your properties and our Calgary cleaning specialists are completely covered while they are performing the cleaning services at your location.

We understand that each location is different and each client has different commercial property management cleaning services needs. Our Calgary cleaning service representatives will work with you to develop a custom cleaning plan for all of your managed properties. Another promise we can make is that there are no hidden fees and you will find our commercial cleaning service rates extremely competitive compared with other Calgary cleaning companies.