Cleaning Services

Time To Shine Cleaning Services provides professional janitorial solutions to businesses throughout Calgary and the surrounding area.

As an award-winning cleaning services provider, we are recognized throughout Alberta for our high quality and reliable solutions. Our company focuses on delivering the very highest in customer satisfaction.

Our services are:

  • Available Monday to Friday, Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Available anytime, during work hours, or off-work hours, day or night.
  • Scalable, daily, weekly, monthly, one-time, or based on a special schedule.
  • Customizable and flexible, what you need or want, anytime.
  • Accomodating, for the special requirements of your business.

We help businesses look their best, while maintaining a clean, healthy and safe working/operating environment.

Learn more about the cleaning services are offer by scrolling down to see the properties/businesses we help. If you do not see what you are seeking, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Cleaning services in Calgary



Office cleaning services for your individual office property housed in a building or separate unit. We’ll clean it top to bottom, including break areas, bathrooms, and common areas.

Office cleaning services in Calgary, Alberta


Commercial cleaning services for businesses occupying one or more units, or a separate building including service, retail, hospitality and other venue types.

Commercial cleaning services in Calgary, Alberta


Full sanitation and cleaning of apartment buildings and condo buildings inclusive of common areas, lobbies, parking, recreation, and more.

Apartment and condo building cleaning in Calgary, Alberta


Full-service janitorial solutions for high-rise, office, or commercial buildings inclusive of all common areas, parking, stairwells, lobbies, elevators, etc.

Commercial and office building cleaning in Calgary, Alberta


Cleaning services for windows, inside and outside of your building. We also offer various janitorial solutions for wall, floor, and carpet cleaning.

Window cleaning services in Calgary, Alberta


Every kind of cleaning requirement you may want or need, from high dusting, to post construction clean up, carpet, floor, window, wall, & ceiling cleaning.

Janitorial services in Calgary, Alberta